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Day 5 Oishi Koi Farm

I always look forward to visiting this farm as I can get to choose very high quality Tosai, It is very straight forward for me when i arrived , a chat about what i need a quick coffee and onto the Tosai Houses a short walk along the river from the main Koi house and Office.

 Oishi_Koi_House_1.jpg  Oishi_Koi_House_2.jpg

After a while these quality Kohaku were chosen and will be on their way back to the UK.

No1Oishi_Tategoi_Kohaku_No_1.jpg No2Oishi_Tategoi_Kohaku_No_2.jpg  No3Oishi_Tategoi_Kohaku_No_3.jpg  No4Oishi_Tategoi_Kohaku_No_4.jpg

     No5Oishi_Tategoi_Kohaku_No_5.jpg  No6Oishi_Tategoi_Kohaku_No_6.jpg   No7Oishi_Tategoi_Kohaku_No_7.jpg   No8Oishi_Tategoi_Kohaku_No_8.jpg 

    No9Oishi_Tategoi_Kohaku_No_9.jpg  No10Oishi_Tategoi_Kohaku_No_10.jpg No11Oishi_Tategoi_Kohaku_No_11.jpg No12Oishi_Tategoi_Kohaku_No_12.jpg

No13Oishi_Tategoi_Kohaku_No_13.jpgNo14Oishi_Tategoi_Kohaku_No_14.jpgNo15Oishi_Tategoi_Kohaku_No_15.JPG No16Oishi_Tategoi_Kohaku_No_16.jpg


28378909_10157255495383009_1188951949880497791_n.jpg  Oishi_Jumbo_Koi_Pond.jpg

Take a look at the left hand Koi in this picture she is now well over 80cm and is quite simply stunning. The video below shows her quality fukurin and body. When you see a koi at this High level it is just mesmerising I could have stood there for hours as she wasnt the biggest in this pond.

The KoHaku below is almost 95cm and is Oishi Koi farms No 1 Oyagoi, i have watched this Koi develop over teh past 5 years and every year she is improving. The bodyis still filling out for a Koi of this size and Masakki Oishi feels that there is more growth to come ! Amazing Koi .



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