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Day 1 Spring Trip Part Two Featured

Day 1  Spring Trip Part Two

The Ojiya Park Hotel would be my home for the next few days and with appointments already booked with several breeders.This will be a very exciting few days Koi hunting in Niigata.

Ojiya_Park.JPG GetAttachmentThumbnail.jpg

It has only been a few weeks since my last visit to Japan and this will become a common occurance , the closing of the shop has given me better opportunities to visit Japan when the breeders contact me with release dates for their koi. My first stop was an appointment at Marudo Koi Farm.

GetAttachmentThumbnail-1.jpg    GetAttachmentThumbnail-2.jpg

 I will have to work out how to get this home it looked stunning outside of Marudo's Koi house.

Marudo_Netting_1.jpg      Marudo_Netting_2_.jpg

First pond was a gosanke mix of Female Jumbo Tosai , the following koi were chosen. These koi have superb qualities all female and priced at £1200 each.

 Marudo_Jumbo_Tosai_Female_No_5.jpg      Marudo_Jumbo_Tosai_Female_No_4.jpg     Marudo_Female_Jumbo_Tosai_Sanke_No_3.jpg 

Female Kohaku No 5  32cm       Female Kohaku No 4 31cm        Female Sanke No 3 33cm

Marudo_Showa_Netting_No_1.jpg  Marudo_Showa_Netting_2.jpg

The second pond to be netted was mainly Showa . These showa are all female and have excellent sumi placement and bodies , very high quality and all priced at £550 each.

 Marudo_Female_Tosai_Showa_No_1_.jpg  Marudo_Female_Tosai_Showa_No_2_.jpg   Marudo_Female_Tosai_Showa_No_3.jpg   Marudo_Female_Tosai_Showa_No_4.jpg 

JT Showa No 1 31cm          JT Showa No2 32cm           JT Showa No 3 31cm     JT Showa No 4 29cm



continued in next blog......

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